Some thirty years ago when I was in art school*, a pal of mine asked me if I needed a job – silly question, who in art school doesn't? Can you do paste-up**? Of course. Off I went in the middle of the night to learn how to cut and paste at the Apparel News, hoping that I could make it home without my VW bug stalling out and being engulfed by the skid row occupants. Fast forward, a solid trade taking me all the way to Chiat/Day after a stop-over creating title animations for Lorimar in Los Angeles. I see a Mac sitting in a cubical across from the studio and I ask about it – well no one knows what to do with it – ok, let's go. I take to Quark, and Freehand, and of course, Fontographer, all v.1. I can convince the money man that bringing typesetting in-house could be worth $$, but the art directors? That took a little more coaxing. Anyway, the revolution was underway and I was on board and loving it. I left for a tour of the world and came back to start up my own little design studio, yikes. Yikes was actually the name of it, really. I had all kinds of clients – print and photography – esprit (fashion), high tech and television. I had a wonderful stint at KQED doing print design, TV graphics and shooting publicty photos. And then my ex-husband (Michael Brill) had this great idea to make wine in his garage. That was 2003. In 2004 Crushpad was born and I figured out how to do a lot of labels in a little amount of time. I also figured out how to print them. Lots and lots of small lots. And made sure the corks got branded, that we had the right glass and capsules... and here I am now, off on my own again with jennydolldesign. Some 30 years later***.

*Art school ended with a degree in photo, film and video.

** Paste-up was how we got things to press pre-desk top publishing. Included big things like stat cameras and darkrooms and knives, really sharp knives. Don't forget mat board, acetate and rubylith. Shoot me an email if you want to know what all of this means.

***And with not one regret.